February 2020 Favorites

February 2020 Favorites

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my monthly favourites but I’ve been thinking that this is a great way to document the year, by focusing on the monthly highlights.

Today, I invite you to do the same: on the last day of every month, try looking back and take notes of your favourite moments.

Write them down on your notebook -or maybe you can create a visual board on Pinterest with your favourite photos – and whenever you feel like getting an extra dose of positivity, go back to your notes and remember those lovely memories of yours!

Personal Development

I’ve had a few rough days with Marios in February and I decided to listen again to one of my favourite parenting books, “How to Talk so Little Kids will listen” by Joanna Faber and Julie King. This book is full of real-life examples and has helped me so much to overcome difficult moments.

Another book that I currently enjoy reading is Marie Forleo’s “Everything is figureoutable” which talks about dreams, goals and how to take small, little steps every day towards the direction and dream life you want. It’s not just reading though – there are numerous writing exercises involved, which makes it even more fun.

Morning Journal: waking up a bit earlier to spend some time writing in my journal was something I always wanted to do. In February, I finally feel that I established this habit. I might not be doing it every single day, but most days I do and that’s what matters.


The Brunch Club: what are friends for if not for letting you know of the cool events happening in your town? I am so grateful that my friend, Rania, (we have the same name!), told me about The Brunch Club organized by Victoria Sardain at the beginning of February. It was the perfect way to start the month: the event took place at Cospire co-working space and included an hour-long yoga flow led by Victoria, a discussion panel about setting goals and new habits and how to stick with them and the most delicious brunch catered by Lara’s brunch with healthy food and good coffee. On top of that, I got to meet other inspiring humans as well! Highly recommend it, go check out the upcoming events here Website

Prenatal Yoga Workshop: Alexandra MacDonald is a charismatic woman and I was so happy that I got to attend one of her prenatal workshops in February. On a gorgeous, sunny Saturday morning I met Alexandra and a few other lovely ladies at “L’Ancienne ferme de l’Hermitage”, which is just next to where we live, for a 3-hours long atelier where I had the chance to connect with myself, my body and my baby. It was pure magic. As Alexandra mentions at her website “This is essential, not self-indulgent work.” She is also organising other yoga workshops and private yoga classes at her lovely studio.

There is one more prenatal yoga workshop coming soon, on 14th March, if you are interested.


Reflexology sessions: I finally found a good reflexologist in Lausanne and truly enjoying those sessions. Have you ever tried it?

Travel, Family & Friends

February was all about our short trip to Paris. This was a trip we had been organizing for so long and it was also the first time we took Marios to this special city. We loved everything about it: getting there by train from Lausanne, staying at a family-friendly hotel, tasting new flavours and exploring new places, getting to see the Eiffel Tower and ride on the most magical carousel, indulging in delicious sweet crepes and eclairs, exploring the emerging specialty coffee scene of the city and just spending time together as a family. More details and photos soon on the blog!

Other activities I really enjoyed:

  • Sunday excursion at Les Paccots where Marios attends his first ski lessons
  • Discovering Ludothèque “Pinocchio”: this is a place where you can rent toys and books for about a month, which I think is a great concept
  • Celebrating Thano’s birthday with a family lunch at Culture Café
  • Sunny Saturday by the lake at Ouchy
  • Mini Monday morning excursion with Marios to Lutry
  • Saturday mornings at the Open Market (Lausanne)
  • Speaking & seeing my girlfriends back in Greece via the internet after a very long time


  • Lara’s brunch at The Brunch Club event
  • Our Monday mornings at Sydney Café with great coffee from Vertical coffee roasters and delicious, homemade pastries prepared from Julien
  • Healthy lunch at Racines and Tibits – simply loving all the soups this season (Lausanne)
  • Lunch at Ateliers des Gourmands (Lausanne)
  • Delicious food and great coffee we tasted while in Paris
  • Special chocolate box from Jacot chocolatier for Valentine’s day (Lausanne)
  • Our amazing weekend dinners at home
  • Lunch at our friends’ house in the countryside
  • Baking cookies from Athina Panou’s book and carrot cake from Akis Petretzikis’s website
  • Family lunch at Culture Café
  • Chocolate birthday cake for Thanos from Moutarlier
  • Vegan pancakes at home for breakfast – recipe from IMA Cantine in Paris
  • Crepes party at Maison Sous Gare (Lausanne)

What were your favourite moments in February? Spend 10 minutes now to think about it and feel grateful for all the wonderful things happening in your life. Will you try it? If yes, let me know if this made you smile! Leave a comment down below or send me a direct email at smile@mygreektravellingspoon.com. I would love to hear from you!

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February 2020 Favorites

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