Curated Foodie Guide to Lausanne

Here is my curated foodie guide to Lausanne! I have created the guide I wish I had for every new destination for travellers who love food.

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My Curated Food Guide to Lausanne consists of a four-day itinerary guiding you from the best breakfast and lunch spots to afternoon coffee, pastries and dinner. It also consists of detailed descriptions of 20+ restaurants, cafes, pastry and chocolate shops, delicatessens, tea shops and picnic spots for those warm, sunny days when all you want to do is stay outside and enjoy nature.

This easy to navigate downloadable e-Guide (PDF format) will not add any weight to your luggage (yoo-hoo!) as you can have it on your smartphone or tablet while on the road. All detailed descriptions of the places come with a map which is linked to the actual location on google maps where you can easily search for directions. Once you buy your guide, you ‘ll get an email with a link to download your foodie guide. I truly hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Lausanne. Bon Appetit!

What’s included in the Curated Foodie Guide to Lausanne by Rania Margari

  • A four-day sample itinerary (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) guiding you from the best breakfast and lunch spots to afternoon coffee with pastries and dinner.
  • Detailed descriptions and photos for 25+ foodie spots, based on interviews I have conducted with their founders.
  • The best places to eat, drink coffee and indulge in delicious sweets.
  • My favourite picnic spots around town.