Cooking – where to get inspiration for new recipes

Cooking – where to get inspiration for new recipes

These days are mostly spent at home by most people I know and I bet there is a lot of cooking and baking involved, as is the case in our house.

That’s why I thought I would share some of our favourite web addresses and persons that inspire us to try out new recipes, ingredients and techniques in case you are searching for some new recipes to try as well.

Here is my list:

Pick Up Limes: one of our latest discovery. I have been obsessed with Sadia Badiei, her personality, good-looking recipes & photos and most of all healthy point of view. The recipes here are mostly plant-based so if you were looking to add a few more healthy meals in your repertoire, this is the website to explore. Sadia is a dietician and offers many helpful resources and practical tips about eating healthy and the why behind it as well.

Some of the recipes we have tried:
The Ruby Red Green Smoothie – perfect for when you need some extra energy and vitamins

Roasted Cauliflower Lentil Curry – this was delicious.

If when you read “healthy” you instantly translate to “boring”, think again: here you will find some pretty decadent recipes as well such as these Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites which are perfect for a quick boost for energy or these Sugar-Free Fudgy Two-Bite Brownies that we made yesterday and are to die for – although maybe not the best option when you have toddlers with extra energy around.


Minimalist Baker

So many recipes embracing all types of eaters. Their Instagram account is always tempting. Currently eager to try their Black Bean Buddha Bowl and their fluffy almond butter sweet potato muffins.


Real food by two moms

Great resource if you are cooking for and with kids. Healthy chicken nuggets, Coconut milk & butternut mac’n’cheese, and Egg and cheese muffins are some of the recipes you will find.

You can read the interview we did with co-founder Jenny Atkins on the blog right here.


The Saucha Life

Korina Karadimou has recently graduated as a nutritional therapist and shares many healthy recipes and tips on her website, both in Greek and in English. She also offers online nutritional therapist consultation if you are looking to up-level your health this period.

We have tried numerous of the recipes on her blog but most importantly, Korina motivated us to do a sugar-free month last February.
Here is what I wrote about this experience on the blog.


Akis Petretzikis

He is a Greek chef but the website is in English as well; Petretzikis publishes many new recipes regularly. We have been repeatedly baking his carrot cake without the frosting and also recently tried one of the website members’ recipes for trahanoto with mushrooms and red wine which was delicious. Trahana is “a dried food ingredient, based on a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk”, a traditional Greek dish prepared mainly as a soup and this variation was a nice surprise.


My Little Expat Kitchen

Magda, a Greek expat who lives in the Netherlands, has been an inspiration for many years now. Even though she currently doesn’t upload new recipes frequently, her website has a huge backlog of recipes to try. This Banana Cake or this Vanilla and chocolate marble bundt cake are classic choices for us when we want a delicious Sunday cake.

From the savoury menu, I love the Greek eggs with tomatoes (also known as Strapatsada or Kagianas), a recipe that always brings me fond memories of my grandfather who loved to cook this meal while her recipe for the Greek Simiti (Koulouri) is also fantastic.

I have also written about Magda and her lovely blog for CNN Travel, along with 4 other Greek food bloggers that you can follow. You can read the full article here.


Madame Ginger (in Greek only)

Cooking recipes, many of them plant-based, great tips for cleaning and organising the house but also YouTube foodie videos about Athens, Greece where “Madame Ginger” is based that always make me laugh out loud. We recently baked this carrot cake without eggs (we also omitted the frosting) and it was delicious. The website is currently only in Greek but google translate could help.


Chef Vangelis Driskas (in Greek only)

One of our favourite Greek chefs that have never disappointed with his Mediterranean-inspired recipes (we have 3 of his cookbooks already) is Vangelis Driskas. His recipes include meat and fish options but you can still find a lot of vegetarian and plant-based recipes to try. Here is his YouTube Channel (currently in Greek only).

True story: Vangelis Driskas participated in “The 40 Love Letters Project” by sending birthday wishes to my husband, Thanos via a short video. Cool, right?

Other sources of cooking inspiration:

Your own cookbooks. No matter how long you have them, I bet there are still so many recipes you haven’t tried. Now is a good chance to spice things up in your weekly menu and try out some new recipes. No need to go crazy, just add one or two new recipes every week or so. 

Pinterest: this is one of my favourite sources of inspiration when it comes to cooking and baking. You could also create different Pinterest boards based on your favourite kind of meals e.g. salads, soups, avocado dishes, smoothies etc.

Netflix: we love watching The Chef’s Table and other cooking-related shows on Netflix. My favourite episode so far was the one with Massimo Bottura and Albert Adria.

Now tell me, where do you get inspiration for cooking and baking new, healthy and tasty recipes? Leave me a comment down below and let me know!

Photo Credits: Featured image by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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Cooking where to get inspiration for new recipes



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