October 2017 Favorites


  • Motto: Stop dreaming. Start doing! Pretty self-explanatory.
  • YouTuber: Jinti Fell, VanLife with a toddler. I discovered them recently and I LoVe their VanLife videos, particularly because they also have a toddler and this didn’t stop them from exploring the world in a van. This is one of my big, fat, crazy dreams as well! On top of that, they follow a health-conscious way of life embracing veganism, minimalism, yoga & meditation. Jidi’s Instagram stories are totally inspiring as well.  Check their YouTube Channel & Instagram
  • Heartmade blog by Mayi Carles: she is an artist based in Panama. She is brilliantly herself: weird & fabulous. She is one of my current mentors and I am absolutely in love with her cute drawings and shining character. Go on, have a look yourself. Don’t tell me you are not impressed!!


  • Prosecco Valdobbiadene: I won’t lie, every now and then I really enjoy a glass of wine and bubbly wine is one of my current favorites. Valdobiadene is an Italian region, which produces excellent bubbly wine. We were fortunate enough to visit this area while crossing northern Italy by Vespa a few years back, so drinking this wine always reminds me of this amazing trip. Cheers to Italy!
  • Avocado toast: let’s start with the healthy bites, shall we? Avocado was not my favorite thing, no no no. But everyone was preaching about its super qualities so I forced myself to try and incorporate it into our diet. And little by little, I have come to a point where I do enjoy it in certain recipes. One of my favorite ones is an avocado toast for which you will need: your favorite slice of bread, a ripe avocado, crumbled feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. You could also add fresh onion if you wish.
  • Coffee Devil’s Isle, Handcrafted in Bermuda, Brazilian & Costa Rican Coffee Blends: brought all the way from Bermuda from hubby, these coffee blends were superb. If you could only smell the aroma while grinding those coffee beans at home…!
  • Churros with chocolate (or even without!) from Churrería La Original (Majadahonda) and easily the best chocolate ice cream from Borgonesse in Gran Via, Madrid.
  • Ladurée Macaron Cassis: Ladurée is THE MACARON institution in France and yes we do have two outlets in Lausanne as well. So when I feel that I want to pamper myself, Ladurée cassis macaron works as a charm. Because oftentimes, it’s not about quantity but about quality my friends! Ladurée Switzerland 


  • Sunny days & Sunsets in Lausanne: in October, they seemed to be endless! Coupled with mild temperatures it was the perfect background for our daily walks. Plus, the sunsets put the sky on fire almost every single day. It was like a free super show.
  • The spectacular autumn colours all around. It was so pretty outside and not too cold yet, so I really took advantage to walk as much as possible and take in this amazing season.


  • Homemade cleaning mix: vinegar, water, a few drops of lavender essential oil and an empty box are all you need to make it. Seriously, there is no excuse not to use this piece-of-cake to use, natural, cheap and good for you and your family cleaning product. This year one of my goals has been to use fewer toxins and chemicals. I made a conscious decision to switch gradually from full of toxins and chemicals cleaning products to natural ones. I still have a long way to go, but I am on the right path, I know.


  • Rolle: our Sunday mini excursion to nearby Rolle, such a cute lakeside town near Geneva. While there, we also stopped by the farm “Les fruits des Paradis” and bought from its on-site self-service little shop figs, strawberries, and a huge butternut squash.
  • Hanging out with grandpa: it feels so good to have you around grandpa, you are the best!
  • Park de Valency in Lausanne: one sunny Sunday in October we headed for the very first time to Park de Valency, a small but delightful park with gorgeous views over the lake and a perfect setting for autumn photographs. The day we went, Lausanne à Table was organizing its closing fondue event so the park was very lively and equipped with coffee, wine and sweet stands (apart from the fondue one, obviously).
  • La Milanette at Park Milan: near the fountain, there is a cubicle called «La Milanette » which has been always a mystery to me as I couldn’t figure out what it was. Most of the times it was closed so it seemed like an odd park accessory!
    But one gorgeous October day we were there, it was open and I finally went to ask. This cute little place is run by the nearby community center (Maison de quartier, as they call it here) and they open it whenever they can. Then, a little corner of the park pops up with colourful reclining chairs, bikes, tricycles and trottinettes, kids books and other toys. They even offer coffee and drinks for the little ones who love to play with everything on offer!! It’s such a fantastic initiative, I absolutely love it.
  • Hanging out with our awesome Spanish friends in Madrid: plus we got to taste the most amazing homemade pasta ever and loads of healthy food. Thank you, Eric, Itzi, Igor & Naia for your great hospitality!
  • Kids’ area in Madrid airport: we saw the sign and we thought we should check it out as we had plenty of time to wait for our flight to depart. And I am so glad we did! So far, it’s the best family area for babies/toddlers I have been to: very well organized, spacious, colourful. Marios spent most of his time “swimming” in the pool of colourful balls. I wish adults were able to get in there as well!
  • Suisse Caravan Salon in Bern: this is a paradise for caravan & campervan enthusiasts. You get to see so many different vehicles all gathered together, and you can check them out in real life. Geneva motor show might get the biggest attention and press coverage, but let me tell you guys, this expo is where the real party is!

And now it’s your turn. What were your favorites of the month? Share your comment down below, would love to hear from you!

Quote: Stop Dreaming- Start Doing!


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