August 2017 Favorites


-HAPPYBOU events & gifts: while browsing on Instagram, I stumbled upon their milestone stickers for babies and I loved it! It’s a great idea for a photo project documenting your baby’s development from the 1st month up to the 12th month.

Their customer service was excellent –they replied promptly through facebook and sent the stickers to me by post the next day- and their packaging was just lovely.

Plus, it makes for a great gift for the newborns you are expecting in your life. Check it out. (Based in Morges, Switzerland)




-Avocado mozzarella salad: we found this on the cookbook of our favorite Greek chef, Vagelis Driskas. Very easy to make, this salad is so tasty that I squeal with excitement every time we are having it. Toss in a big bowl avocado, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and pine nuts and dress it with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. That’s it; you are ready to savor this delicious, nutritious and healthy salad! Bon appetite!

Website: &συνταγές/

-Lovechock, Organic Raw Chocolate 84% cacao, made from Ecuadorian organic raw cacao, with blueberries and hemp seeds: I found this organic bar of chocolate in a bio shop in Lausanne and while reading its ingredients I liked the fact that it was sweetened with coconut blossom sugar and contained no refined sugars. I loved this chocolate bar and will definitely try the other flavors as well!

As they state on their website “Lovechock is lovingly made by hand from the best organic, raw cacao from Ecuador. Instead of being roasted, the beans are cold ground. That’s why Lovechock is a natural source of flavonoids and ‘Lovechemicals’: goodies that make you feel happy and loving.”



-My “mama” necklace. My sister gave it to me when I gave birth to Marios, our son, and I simply love wearing it every day. It’s very discreet, elegant, and has a tiny evil eye as well, which makes me feel protected from any negative energy around me.


-Our travel baby seat is my current favorite item. It was a gift from good friends and during our month-long stay in Canada it was very handy and I felt so grateful for having it with us. During the whole month, we stayed at a hotel so whenever I had to feed Marios in the room –which was quite often – I could just strap the baby seat in any chair without any issue. Most of the restaurants we visited in Canada had high chairs available for babies but sometimes we carried it with us just to be on the safe side. The brand we have is called “Go Anywhere Booster Travel Seat” and it’s a great travel gadget to have for babies!


-Youtube channel: Yoga with Adrienne. I strive to keep up with my yoga practice on the go and YouTube Yoga channels are a great way to accomplish this goal. When it comes to yoga, I believe that the instructor is so important to keep your motivation high, and I particularly like Adrienne because she is relaxed, authentic and funny at the same time. I have found myself laughing out loud quite often when following her practice. Her emails are drop-dead inspiring and her mantra, “find what feels good”, has stuck with me in my everyday life.


YouTube Channel:


– “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without shame” by Janet Lansbury. Audible book.

Actionable step: don’t take your kids’ tantrums personally. When a child is not behaving in a proper way it means he/she needs your help and guidance more than ever. Try to stay calm- even though often this is very hard- and set the boundaries you want. Your kids will thank you for that.

Personally, I prefer reading print books but nowadays, having an 11-month baby to look after I find it challenging to find the time to sit and read as much as I want. That’s why listening to books is currently my next favorite thing since I can take him for a walk in his stroller and, at the same time, listening to a book and being exposed to new ideas and concepts.


What were your favorites of this month? Leave a comment down below and share some happiness!







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