One Week in Montreal’s Old Town

August 2017. This was our very first time in Montreal and didn’t really know what to expect. The travel articles and vlogs I had watched were all raving about a lively city, with great food and culture scene and it seemed promising. Under normal circumstances, I would have planned my itinerary with details and it would be packed with sightseeing … Read More

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Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Open House Thessaloniki, the city revealed

Imagine an architectural safari around the city that opens up the doors to museums, historic hotels and buildings, creative agencies, Byzantine churches, monuments but also private homes for residents and visitors alike. That’s what Open House Thessaloniki is, a celebration of architecture and design when volunteers transform the city into an open museum for two days every year. A simple … Read More

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Inspiration – Dimitra Didangelou, the expressive writing guru

I still remember reading online Dimitra’s interview at a popular Greek free press magazine and feeling so inspired by her story and her decision to move from Athens to a small, dreamy village of Pelion, Pinakates. A few years ago, I had passed by Pinakates briefly while researching a travel story for Pelion and I loved it. A few months … Read More

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