Veroniki Nessi – an artist lovingly painting on porcelain

Inspiration – Veroniki Nessi, an artist lovingly painting on porcelain

Ioannina: walking around the pedestrian streets of its old town, I love discovering local artists, who create with love and loads of passion jewellery and various other items. Veroniki Nessi with her workshop, Pinelies, definitely stands out. Located at Koletti street, a small pedestrian road in a very charming area, the workshop’s window showcases some of her beautiful creations making … Read More

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Thessaloniki, a guide for girls

This town is all about having fun and if you handpick your girlfriends (which I am sure you do) you are bound to have an unforgettable experience. Here are some ideas. Pick the ones you like most and create your own, personalized itinerary. Coffee, please: Sugar Angel: a girly oasis for great coffee and sweets. Head inside to feel as if … Read More

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